johnjackson808: Crossing
Bob (sideshow015): get your motor running .. faites tourner votre moteur
Anthony Mark Images: Ladies Out for a Walk
cyanider: carnivorous couple
Benrose: Mt Seymour Hike IMG_8386_7_8_Enhancer
Anthony Mark Images: Chardonnay by the Vines
Paul Thibodeau: Buddies. Windsor, ON.
Ken Cheng Photography: Rendezvous at Twilight
Anthony Mark Images: Are You Done?
philipwhitcombe: Downsview Park Subway Station - Toronto, Ontario
richardjack57: Fusion Fest
Paul Thibodeau: A Dance To Last Forever. Amherstburg, ON.
p~d: Tatiana Maslani - Orphan Black
Rodrick Dale: In The Galze Room
philipwhitcombe: Muskoka Chairs - Downsview Park, Toronto
Anthony Mark Images: Fun In the Waves
Paul Thibodeau: A Dance With Mom. Amherstburg, ON.
Holly Cawfield: Church Is Out
gerrypocha: Hood Art
guy474: 00481-492
stephanieswift2: IMGP0225C
stephanieswift2: IMGP1698D
Paul Thibodeau: Man In A Mask. Windsor, ON.
Anthony Mark Images: The Lady on the Boat
stephanieswift2: Yonge Street near Ramsden Park, 2016 (IMGP2156C)
_love_light_: Hand on Waist