photography.vlo: Full moon over Suffolk
GuyC: Star Trail First Attempt
hughaber: 22 day 11 hour Last Quarter Lunar Phase 2021-01-06 (53% Illuminated). Image Session Commenced 03.29 UT.
carso2: The moon slides in the path of the sun
José M. Arboleda: Luz y sombra
Lucca Vanoni Ruggiero: Moon and Venus comparison phases May 18th 2020
José M. Arboleda: Luna iluminada 4%
mkk707: Venus and the waning Moon at dawn on 11 Jan 2021
Lucca Vanoni Ruggiero: Moon May 18th 2020, sunset over Reiner Gamma crater
Nicholas Stalnecker: Good Morning Moon
duds82: Moon
Fire Fighter's Wife: ~You have to believe in happiness, Or happiness never comes ... Ah, that's the reason a bird can sing - On his darkest day he believes in Spring.
glolucach: Luna Calante
doug0013: Moon 12/20/20
Lucca Vanoni Ruggiero: Moon May 18th 2020, sunset over Mare Humorum Schaerbeek by night
danielkeith63: Pleiades from my back yard.
el cobra clutch: Waxing Crescent
balazsbenei: Last Full Moon 2020
ggcisko: GCisko2020YearInReview
SteveRichPhotography: Our Moon 49%
DanFlag: 2020-12-27 17-41-16_2
GuyC: Morning Moon in HDR
Juan Carlos Cortina: ULTIMA LUNA LLENA DE 2020
athanecon: moonrise at the temple
nicklucas2: Moon 2021-01-05
sydg32photos: Moon 12/28/2020
thor_mark : Flying Over Texas with a View to the Moon and Venus