transiently permanent: Clear View of the Moon of 12 June 2019 after Fog and Rain
Salad Dodger: Almost full moon over White Nancy. Taken from the road in front of our new house in Bollington.
danr19f: Antes de la ocultación - 2019-06-18.jpg
hughaber: Lunar South Pole 2019-05-19 21.34.23 UT
Lucca Vanoni Ruggiero: Conjunction between Moon and Saturn Jun 19th 2019 (Montage)
nicklucas2: Moon 2019-06-20
thor_mark : The Moon Hanging over the Utah High Desert in Canyonlands National Park
cnajhar2: IMG_3684_edit
pm.sohan: PSX_20190619_165018-2
Ggreybeard: Crescent Moon
Ggreybeard: Moon, Earthshine, Aircraft & Star Trails
Kevin Intho: Without seek
A.J.T.Photography: Eerie moon
mkk707: Rising full Moon and three companions
wNG555: 2019-06-18 01-01-38_003_Rubinar 1000mm f10
Mrxh00: Strawberry Moon....
Ggreybeard: Morning Moonset
m_yildirim: Moon behind the Clouds
tlillig: Serene and apocalyptic.
nicklucas2: Moon 2019-06-17 23h 09m
m_yildirim: Dance of Moon and Jupiter
eliot photos: 100% Full "Strawberry" Moon I love the moon so much 🎑 Moon phase: waxing gibbous 96% illuminated Taken on 15/6/19
Ggreybeard: Near Full Moon
nicklucas2: Moon 2019-06-17
Mrxh00: Moon Shadow.....
Mrxh00: Bad Moon Rising....
mkk707: Full Moon, Jupiter and a swallow
Edek Giejgo: Virtual full moon at dusk
eliot photos: 95% Moon in Tucson AZ