ère: 181/366: lines that trap (phone photography)ère: 181/366: the door in the wall (phone photography)ère: 180/366: overgrowth (phone photography)
vis*: 参道
vis*: 戸隠
vis*: snow
vis*: foot print
vis*: 長野駅ère: 179/366: monochrome monday (floor time)
John Coursey: Fitzgerald Theater
John Coursey: Fitzgerald Theaterère: 178/366: diagonal alleyère: 176/366: don't look down (phone photography)ère: 175/366: wall squigglesère: 174/366: between me and the sea (moody monochrome version) (phone photography)ère: 173/366: transient printère: 172/366: monday monochrome (tower power) (phone photography)
John Coursey: Liberty Theatre
John Coursey: Liberty Theatreère: 171/366: these little details (a monochrome moment)ère: 170/366: the opening - afternoon parallelogram (phone photography)ère: 169/366: morning shadow dancer (phone photography)
John Coursey: Grandview Theatre
John Coursey: Grandview Theatreère: 168/366: i spy you, mr hornbill (phone photography)ère: 167/366: accidental selfie (phone photography)
John Coursey: Hawaii Cinerama
John Coursey: Carlsbad Village Theatreère: 167/366: minimal in monochrome (phone photography)ère: 165/366: through a glass darkly