covertsnapper1: Now i can find out who is taking the coconut off the bird table . I have tied this one to it . It is not even on the cctv as it disappeared in a snow storm . I suspect it is squirrels.
covertsnapper1: DSC_0010_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0007_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0006_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0003_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0002_00001
covertsnapper1: P1290493_lzn
covertsnapper1: Orion nebula
covertsnapper1: DSC_0109_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0108_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0106_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0105_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0101_00001_01
covertsnapper1: DSC_0098_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0085_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0087_00001
covertsnapper1: Orion nebula
covertsnapper1: DSC_0066_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0062_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0059_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0057_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0049_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0046_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0039_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0037_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0036_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0030_00001
covertsnapper1: DSC_0029_00001