Istvan: The Angel of Vittorio Emanuele II Caressing St Peter at the Top of Trajan's Column
Moos Wu: Solar ball player
Nicolas Hoizey: Catching the sun
Pierpaolo.: Il Sole nelle mani
CaptDanger: Solana in the sunset
Vagelis Pikoulas: Don't let the sun go down
Philippe-Launay: Comment ne pas se faire bouffer par ses enfants (hommage à Gilbert Garcin)
hkavas: Sevda
Gaurav Agrawal @ San Diego: Right place, right time! In Explore March 7th 2017
mariomath: Kissing the Sphynx, Caire
mariomath: Giant for a day/Percé Rock/ Rocher Percé, meaning "pierced rock"/DSC08288
mariomath: Kissing the Sphynx, Caire, Egypt
click100: Can`t hold it
yiorgosnj: Holding the Setting Sun
Mobilus In Mobili: Riverrock 2019
mathias Straumann: 20181225-DSC00811.jpg
amazingstoker: balloon
safoocat: whipped cream clouds in IR
FoThoMe: Catching the sun
gilles_rey: le gone de Lyon
jenichesney57: Giant Seagulls.
chad_shahin: "Open Sesame!"
LauraAnaïs: Story: Perspective
susanocas2: IMG_4658
susanocas2: Hold on Tight Shanghai!
Ludvigem: Fisherman near John's Pass and Treasure Island