h_wang_02: DSC_8989
h_wang_02: 9/11 Memorial, Princeton University DSC_9089
h_wang_02: Girl on Princeton Quad DSC_9092
h_wang_02: Shofuso roof is made of hinoki cypress bark DSC_8988
h_wang_02: Shofuso Garden DSC_8962
h_wang_02: Shofuso courtyard DSC_8961
h_wang_02: DSC_8958
h_wang_02: 9/11 Red White & Blue
h_wang_02: Blue hour @ Wildwood Lake
h_wang_02: Idle rides, Morey's Mariners Pier DSC_8618
h_wang_02: Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Garden DSC_8787
h_wang_02: Buzzing Butterfly Garden, Hereford Inlet Lighthouse DSC_8795
h_wang_02: DSC_8851
h_wang_02: Don't know about you, but I'm staying in the shade DSC_8840
h_wang_02: Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
h_wang_02: paddle boarders in Jarvis Sound DSC_8700
h_wang_02: Egret in Jarvis Sound DSC_8701
h_wang_02: jet skis and boats DSC_8762
h_wang_02: Coast Guard DSC_8763
h_wang_02: Ocean Drive Drawbridge opened to let us pass DSC_8765
h_wang_02: Cape May Point DSC_8710
h_wang_02: Cape May Lighthouse with Sisters of St Joseph in the foreground DSC_8720
h_wang_02: School of dolphins DSC_8758
h_wang_02: DSC_8643
h_wang_02: DSC_8645
h_wang_02: Capture migrating monarchs, Nature Center of Cape May DSC_8635
h_wang_02: Gulls in a row DSC_8656
h_wang_02: Lowering the flag DSC_8692
h_wang_02: Cape May Sunset DSC_8695
h_wang_02: Girl chasing gulls DSC_8642