geogblog2: Lomba watermill [35 sec]
sirhowardlee: Animated propeller
geogblog2: Remember Summer? Drayton, Ontario, August 2019
geogblog2: Unloading for Camp Esnagi
geogblog2: Sunset at Sausage Lake
geogblog2: Caveira
JC Reuland: Beach Life in Winter .
dubna30: Temporary spring waterfall.
dubna30: grass snake
geogblog2: Evening at Santa Cruz [59 secs].
geogblog2: Ponta Ruiva [19 sec]
geogblog2: Ponta Ruiva 26apr2017 165346
geogblog2: Ponta Ruiva
thomaseland3339: my mate donating winter warms to kids in akha village
taggit1ormor: Working up an appetite..
taggit1ormor: One seed, sure is a lot of work..
geogblog2: College Streetcar: College Street
geogblog2: Fajã Grande [45 secs]
thomaseland3339: Palaung village morning
geogblog2: Poço do Bacalhau [1:13 mins]
geogblog2: Ponta da Fajã
geogblog2: Ponta da Fajã
geogblog2: Caldeira do Mosteiro: Extinct Volcano, Abandoned Village
taggit1ormor: Two different Bosses
taggit1ormor: Panning out the window-Spring Snow
taggit1ormor: Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 2021 FUTURE鳴日號高級觀光列車 20210416
JC Reuland: Pont Adolphe Luxembourg City and its people
geogblog2: West coast of Flores Island
geogblog2: Volcanic Plug