Rhisiart Hincks: Clément, ni oubli ni pardon
wiredforlego: Unity by Tubz
Traveler 999: 2011-05-07 New Orleans Jazz Fest W2D3-9220
Traveler 999: 2011-05-06 New Orleans Jazz Fest W2D2-7069
cassandra204: Night of the Broken Glass
Bruno_Caimi: rutela lineola preparando para o vôo
pom'.: Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France
PatricksMercy: Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus, Deprato Statue called "Our Lady of Providence"
Bruno_Caimi: Splash com longa exposição
Bruno_Caimi: Flowers
Bruno_Caimi: Arthur
PatricksMercy: Students working for Peace and social justice in 1970 at Holy Names in Oakland, CA
Bruno_Caimi: Mãe e filho, bolhas
Traveler 999: 2016-04-24 - Jazzfest Day 3 (Sun)-0279
wiredforlego: I Fell in Love with Las Vegas by Brett Rosepller & Anthony N Ortega
Johannes Haupt: Aquarell
I Love Vintage Jewelry: Womens Dharma Wheel Necklace Bronze I Love Vintage
catha.li: Beautiful colors
sdttds: IMAG2559
sdttds: DSC_3382_Rainbow Peace
sdttds: DSC_3263_Love and Peace to You
Lawrence Chard: Mutts Menu and Dogs' Water Bowl at Farmers Arms Pub and Restaurant Great Eccleston Fylde Lancashire
sdttds: DSC_3141_Assorted Pride Flags
sdttds: DSC_2551_Blossom Fire
sdttds: DSC_2493_Blossom Fire
sdttds: DSC_2484_Blossom Fire
sdttds: DSC_2460_Blooming Fire
PatricksMercy: Yugoslavian Nun Mother Teresa of the Missionaries of Charity began serving in India in 1948
PatricksMercy: Care Bears stuffed bear animals with heart shaped noses, and a Smirf at Antique Store in Tacoma, WA