I Love Vintage Jewelry: Womens Dharma Wheel Necklace Bronze I Love Vintage
catha.li: Beautiful colors
sdttds: IMAG2559
sdttds: DSC_3382_Rainbow Peace
sdttds: DSC_3263_Love and Peace to You
Lawrence Chard: Mutts Menu and Dogs' Water Bowl at Farmers Arms Pub and Restaurant Great Eccleston Fylde Lancashire
sdttds: DSC_3141_Assorted Pride Flags
sdttds: DSC_2551_Blossom Fire
sdttds: DSC_2493_Blossom Fire
sdttds: DSC_2484_Blossom Fire
sdttds: DSC_2460_Blooming Fire
PatricksMercy: Yugoslavian Nun Mother Teresa of the Missionaries of Charity began serving in India in 1948
PatricksMercy: Care Bears stuffed bear animals with heart shaped noses, and a Smirf at Antique Store in Tacoma, WA
PatricksMercy: Franciscan garden spot for Peace and reflection.
PatricksMercy: Sisters morning announcements Catholic HS Glens Falls NY 1972
Lawrence Chard: Holly Woods Abusive Comments "Fuck huer medals you chickenshit bitch"
PatricksMercy: Mosaic lucky iconic mural of Blessed Mother Mary, and baby Jesus presenting a Holy Rosary to St. Dominic , in the stair case at Holy Rosary Medical Center now St. Alphonsus Health Boise, ID
PatricksMercy: Boarding school girl Rosemary Fitzgerald (Kym Wilson) standing next to Mother Mary Our Lady of Lourdes in the school Grotto in the made for TV Brides of Christ mini series
Traveler 999: 2018-09-05 - Havana Cuba 2 IMG_0314
Traveler 999: 2018-09-05 - Havana Cuba 2 IMG_0505
Rhisiart Hincks: UK - Stop Your Wars of Aggression-
Rhisiart Hincks: Neges wleidyddol / A political message - Brighton Pride, 2015
PatricksMercy: Peace Sign 1969 at Seton High School in Pueblo, Colorado
PatricksMercy: 1969 Central High School Football Team on the bus going to the game
Bruno_Caimi: Rebirth of Poseidon
PatricksMercy: Santa Rosa Children's Hospital in San Antonio, TX
Bruno_Caimi: Little Flower
I Love Vintage Jewelry: Bird of Peace Bronze Necklace
I Love Vintage Jewelry: Bronze Leaf Necklace, Vegan Jewelry