eraneran70: food pantry line to church
flavius200: “On the Other Hand.......? “
bluefeeno: Last Days of Summer
Valentine Kleyner: "Who is performing in Tel Aviv?" - Hebrew inscription on the fence.
J72Hughes: Feeding time
Saurí: We will not pay
agpankov: Austrian gunsmith Johann Fanzoj and his daugher Daniela
Pierre Wayser: 1977_46732
Mondmann: Departure Day
gerrypopplestone: Getting in the bike
klauslang99: Sales stand, La Libertad, Ecuador
canonmania: The stumbling stones are an initiative of the German artist Gunter Demnig to deposit , in its urban and social development of European cities a common memory of citizens deported to Nazi death camps.
matt hrkac: Invasion Day Melbourne 2021
Stillness shows: Vending in building entrance in South Quay, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Wolfgang Bazer: Migrant Kids
7C0: Mummery
CanadaGood: sf010938 San Francisco, Neiman Marcus, Union Square 2001
Stefan Müller (climate): Bäuerinnen bei „Wir haben es satt“
CarolMoore007: Tea Leaves
Anthony Crider: 2021-01-18-43.jpg
frantisim: Feeding birds
BrianGeorgeM: Jewelry
wolf bonpiedbonoeil: Manifestation Education nationale
Bluescruiser1949: we the people
JoshyWindsor: Amazon Rebellion Activist
tzen xing: Black Lives Matter protests
Frank Guschmann: Es war einmal / Some time ago