Douguerreotype: Crossing Stream
Douguerreotype: Why The Long Face?
Douguerreotype: No.50 Cheyne
Douguerreotype: Red Acer
Douguerreotype: Adjustable Spanner
Douguerreotype: All The Angles
Douguerreotype: Fall By The Wayside
Douguerreotype: Double Security
Douguerreotype: Three Slices
Douguerreotype: Autumn Layers
Douguerreotype: Sparkler
Douguerreotype: Acer Lookup
Douguerreotype: Stream Of Consciousness
Douguerreotype: Olaudah Equiano
Douguerreotype: Hang On For Dear Life
Douguerreotype: The Teardrop Explodes
Douguerreotype: Untroubled Water
Douguerreotype: Bus To Heaven
Douguerreotype: River Traffic
Douguerreotype: Feel Dizzy Yet?
Douguerreotype: We Will Rock You
Douguerreotype: Blue Bricks
Douguerreotype: Golden Dawn
Douguerreotype: Iconic Shadow
Douguerreotype: Encircled
Douguerreotype: In The Elements
Douguerreotype: Dappled Light
Douguerreotype: Photographer At Work
Douguerreotype: Lud’s Church