dimitris_78z: Lost in my thoughts
foxxyg2: 4979hb The Balcony
foxxyg2: 4934a Summer Memories
east med wanderer: Spili, Crete, Greece
dimitris_78z: Olympus, the mount of the Gods
east med wanderer: Church, Santorini, Greece, 1971
Thanks for 1.5M+ views: Church on High
foxxyg2: B5D_9948 Sunset at The Port of Naxos
chris121984: IMG_5899
PeMo2020: Ikaria/Ικαρία - Ieró bay and beach | Greece/Ελλάδα
dimitris_78z: Volvi lake
dimitris_78z: Axios Delta
roula1612: Winder sunset
Nek_Z@n: The Dragon Lake
chris121984: Rhodos, airplane
free3yourmind: Explore Greece
free3yourmind: Explore Greece
Morton1905: Greece. Athens. Year 1984. 0428 R Atena
chris121984: IMG_5340
WalkinginHellas: Πελοπόννησος - Peloponnese
i.xenikakis: Powerful...