Beyond the sea horizon
golfbag3: QUARTED TREE.
cariocando (Rogerio Granato): janelas /// windows
rhonda_lansky: Sunny Smiles
franzisko hauser: The Ghost (-Maki) in the Bamboo :-)
winterkind.: Die Hoffnung
Lis Trysor: My Charming Black Cat
BlowBlue*: #094
Gislaadt Art - my PC is dying: Tribute to PREDATOR
tresoreprada: Autumn
Orchid ~*: When the October Wind
Artcatraz: Oil painting Autumn Walk - 60 x 60 cm - oil on canvas
ticttac resident: Humming Bird
winterkind.: Mother
franzisko hauser: expressionism in the forest
Miss AA-Thanks to all for your support.: “Don't forget: beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.” ― Paulo Coelho
Renascentia11: Gods & Monsters
pabigelli: Mio zio pittore (il quadro finito) - My uncle painter (the finished painting)
bharath _reddy: tamannaah
golfbag3: TAKING COVER.
СОВА: #775
Lis Trysor: Devil Woman
tresoreprada: With a little help from my friends
Naykke Resident: My look #5 - Blowing leaves 🍂♥🍂