knightbefore_99: Drinking Wine with Jesus
knightbefore_99: The Spider and the Fly
knightbefore_99: On the Phone Again
Ken Cheng Photography: The Public Library/Downtown Vancouver
knightbefore_99: Viet Family
knightbefore_99: Urban Decay
Ken Cheng Photography: Two Couples Tuesday
knightbefore_99: JPB's old House
knightbefore_99: Main Street Tenement
knightbefore_99: Thornton Park
knightbefore_99: Riot 2010 and Vespa Head guys
Ken Cheng Photography: The Birks Building/Downtown Vancouver
knightbefore_99: Stormtrooper Guarding Black Dog Video Store
Ken Cheng Photography: Downtown Vancouver
Ken Cheng Photography: 1980 or 2020? Granville Street, Vancouver BC
knightbefore_99: Fender Bender
knightbefore_99: East Van Garden
Happily Drive: Free Ride
Happily Drive: Horse Sense
Ken Cheng Photography: Today, in Gotham (Vancouver BC)
Ken Cheng Photography: Rainy Night, Jan 2020 B.C. (Before Covid) re-edited
knightbefore_99: April Pink
knightbefore_99: Mount Pleasant House
knightbefore_99: Waiting for a Call
knightbefore_99: Less Cops More Nurses
Ken Cheng Photography: Come Together Stay Apart (Gastown, Vancouver)