Valantis Antoniadis: Capital of Slovakia
J. Parker Photography: View from Look Rock
Goran Joka: View from the top of Mt.Ararat
spelio: Seagull on Memorial
fabian.kron: Tá Limpeza!
d.kevan: On a bench but not looking at the view, Watson's Bay.PortJackson, Sydney.
J. Parker Photography: A View from Sharp Top
d.kevan: The part of Cape Ortegal of our Walk, Galicia, Spain
Valantis Antoniadis: Kohtuotsa viewing platform
Valantis Antoniadis: Follow me into the dark
fabian.kron: Cerveza Cusqueña
Valantis Antoniadis: Looking for Knights
Thanks for 1,100,000+ views!: Marching Band, Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast, Italy
fabian.kron: Laguna Parón