Dave Whatt: Lino print. 2021.
marcomarchetto956: PARCO DELLE BARCHE
Tony Tooth: Holiness
CharlyMakrayRice: Cyclamen_DSC3800
ann.neufkens: Aachen
** Janets Photos **: Pathetic Looking Tree ..
Tony Tooth: WayBack
Through_Urizen: Restless (www.adp-photography.com)
PenangCA: Unique
Reverse Alchemy: Cruisin’ through life
Through_Urizen: Thirsty? (Www.adp-photography.com)
rmf-67: Forêt
** Janets Photos **: Angry Seas ..
CharlyMakrayRice: Ornamental_DSC3739
Simon Caplan: An Imperial Detail?
Dave Whatt: A lot of blue. 2022.
Through_Urizen: To calm a mountain's (www.adp-photography.com)
carlosflorezcarbajal: Azules y naranjas de Procida.
Winterhimmel: Christmas anticipation
dorofoto: The thing that is important to know is that you never know. You‘re always sort of feeling your way, Diane Arbus says
l i v e l t r a: inlet reflections
Ken Mattison: Stone grayness and autumn color....
Winterhimmel: longing for completion
Cat Man!: At the Paint Store
** Janets Photos **: Dandelion ( Close Up )
ultravivid imaging: 8R9A4329-34cPRtaMl1TBbGERk2