gato-gato-gato: rainy day
ROSS HONG KONG: Rice Harvest
Toshi_Tokyo: M0002096
elshopix: Luna llena
Jack_from_Paris: Stand Leica - essai APO-Summicron-M 1:2/50mm ASPH
Vygintas R.: Fireworks in Cathedral Square
nacho.mares: Autumn
nacho.mares: Autumn
nacho.mares: Autumn
patuffel: Autum reflections
SplittingImages: Park and Mulberry, Mount Vernon, Baltimore
SplittingImages: Remains of the China Inn Restaurant, Mount Vernon, Baltimore
donlaw200: Saturn
gerdjandijk: L1000123
Laurent Pagès: Chantilly
C Bing: Focus & Pull
wing of kaz: Leica M(typ240) + Apo-Summicron-M50mm ASPH Donegal chilly morn .
markusschaaf-keim: Skaftafellsjökull lagoon
Yowyi: L1005774
Yowyi: L1060724
alicejack2002: Coconut
alicejack2002: Canal Boats
alicejack2002: Valletta Hill