tlswan2: Land of the Standing Rocks
morand.anais: P1045573~1
jan1118: Pretty cirrus
Northern_Nights: Cirrus Sunrise
Thoschm: 20210918_192818
Rob Patzke: MOJAVE DESERT (EXPLORED 2/20/2021)
Iván Caramelo: Paisaje de la sierra
Gosport Flyer: IMG_5253
rq uk: Sunrise at Ron's Hide - Monday 20th September 2021 at 07:04:50
DocJ96: Con trail decay
Michał Nicke: Sun pilar and waves
Gilberto Russo: Monumento do Descobrimento - Lisbon - PT
unknown quantity: Sherman County, Kansas
Veronique Stewart: Clouds building up after a lovely warm sunny day, Solway coast.
Paul Comstock: Untitled: IMG_0063
rve13: Cloud Cover
Toni Corrales: _MG_5258-Panorámica
jerry.gladstone: Grosgrain Ribbon
hazza3d: Brushstrokes in the sky
Jürgen Thome: Kraftwerk Weiher / Grube Göttelborn mit Halde
Galeria La Violet: 347- Céu azul ( Bart me presentiou)
brucetopher: Sailing by High in the Sky
ClimateNHBSH: Afternoon tstm sun halo
brucetopher: Galloping Clouds over Crosby Beach