TheQ!: An Inside Joke, Perhaps?
dietergeuther: Lanzarote
RalfK61: Frankfurt/Main, Germany "Alt und Neu"
RalfK61: Strelitzia - Trioplan 100
TheQ!: Snoqualmie Falls
TheQ!: Aurora Art Museum
TheQ!: Panorama of The Bund
TheQ!: city lights
TheQ!: Century Avenue
dietergeuther: India Soup kitchen
TheQ!: pearl district
TheQ!: old town
TheQ!: I yearn for the islands. Soon.
TheQ!: a sense of contentment
TheQ!: for the love of ice cream *EXPLORED!*
TheQ!: Quiet Evening in Kirkland
TheQ!: last food truck customer of the evening
TheQ!: “Can you take our picture, pls?”
TheQ!: Jack London Square
TheQ!: Autumn in Niles
TheQ!: Koaloa Ranch
TheQ!: the ferry to bainbridge island
TheQ!: waikiki beach
TheQ!: Lake Washington
TheQ!: Kirkland Sunset
TheQ!: the loneliness of a pier fisherman
TheQ!: Ferry Plaza View
TheQ!: Ferry Plaza Farmers Market