woordenaar: “But we all have something wrong with us anyway, don't we? I looked at the internet for too long today and started feeling depressed.”
John S. Photos: Sky and branches
MPnormaleye: Back Up To The Clearing
adp777: Island_FYIX9551
John Renfro: The First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site
kevin dooley: Petrified Forest and Painted Desert 2021
GR167: Pastel Bay
Jym Dyer: 20210320 great-wwy-people-birds-people
Jym Dyer: 20210822 chalk-bikes-rule-cars-suck
sa66ra.cadabra: the moon shines on her finger
woordenaar: “Getting to the top has an unfortunate tendency to persuade people that the system is OK after all”
dominiquelebleux: Chihuahua
GR167: Country Welcome
woody lauland: Parkscape
TheArtyAnimal: The Raven
dominiquelebleux: Lacanau. Hipstamatic
fuseholder: Erlangen, D-Tour, No. 06
dominiquelebleux: Lacanau. Hipstamatic
John Renfro: The Daniel Boone Home
John Renfro: Missouri Botananical Garden
MPnormaleye: Put It Down Anywhere
Jym Dyer: 20181203 ulocked-rear-rack-folding-chair
Jym Dyer: 20181012 ulock-no-keeper
MPnormaleye: Somewhere I’ve Never Traveled
Jym Dyer: 20181211 sticker-bike-slowly-snack-often
kevin dooley: Petrified Forest and Painted Desert 2021