oldeyes47: Wentworth Old Church
DelioTO: IR Graffiti under the bridge 1
Leland Buck Photography: Japanese Garden by Pinhole
Leland Buck Photography: Columbia Delta through a pinhole
Daphnesalbums: tip of the harbor
Daphnesalbums: no longer dipping tree
Daphnesalbums: venerable Riverbank tree, still intact
oldeyes47: The Forge
oldeyes47: Howden Minster
oldeyes47: Howden Minster
johann schlager: The Van Hornies
Daphnesalbums: Top of the hill
Daphnesalbums: Dusk at the Riverbank
Peter de Graaff: Old homestead
DelioTO: Grenadier west
oldeyes47: Frickley Church
trasiegu: #1873 Sincrotrón ALBA
Peter de Graaff: Dinner is on
micalngelo: Taste Of Crow
www.nolenslandscapes.co.uk: The Bridestones #2
micalngelo: I Know The Rain
oldeyes47: The Lift Bridge, Huddersfield Broad Canal
oldeyes47: Tower Hill
trasiegu: #1871 Sincrotrón ALBA
trasiegu: #1870 Revela'T Festival group photo [Explore!!]
www.nolenslandscapes.co.uk: The Bridgestones
DelioTO: Black Oak
Vaidotas Mikšys: Sunny Weather in a Temple of Consumption
DelioTO: The OakTree