oldeyes47: New rising from the old
oldeyes47: A bridge, a church and a chimney.
oldeyes47: Biker pig
oldeyes47: Work in progress
oldeyes47: St Peters, Barnbrough.
oldeyes47: Just needing a lick of paint.
oldeyes47: The Old Town Hall and Courthouse, Sheffield.
oldeyes47: Sheffield Cathedral
oldeyes47: Penistone Viaduct
oldeyes47: Neglected
oldeyes47: Abandoned
oldeyes47: Old and new
oldeyes47: New building, old reflection.
oldeyes47: A summer reminder
oldeyes47: St Wilfreds, Hickleton
oldeyes47: Would suit a keen D.I.Y. enthusiast.
oldeyes47: Waiting for the wrecking ball, The Old Coroners Court, Sheffield.
oldeyes47: Another one gone
oldeyes47: Sunroof
oldeyes47: All Saints, Hooton Pagnell
oldeyes47: Monuments to a lost cutlery industry
oldeyes47: A reminder of lost industry
oldeyes47: Angles
oldeyes47: Curves
oldeyes47: Wheats Lane
oldeyes47: Paradise Square, Sheffield. Built mid 18th century.
oldeyes47: St Helens, Treeton
oldeyes47: The old and the new
oldeyes47: St George's
oldeyes47: Full up