ah-me: ... never no time to play
stu8fish: Straightened.
IanAWood: Once this was a factory
IanAWood: Hung monkey
Memory_Emi: green toilets
Memory_Emi: private box
. ruinenstaat: . besuchen sie europa, solange es noch steht
trevor.patt: IMG_8724
trevor.patt: IMG_8741
Skellig2008: Duga Radar system - Chernobyl
3.0s: Abandoned at Hartwood
3.0s: Hartwood hospital
3.0s: Hartwood hospital
ah-me: kicking back with the taxman
OutdoorMonkey: Watchet Hill Cottage
jacqui.hardie82: Burn out
eb78: remnants
eb78: rhyolite nights
Skellig2008: Pripyat Amusement Park - Chernobyl
atomhirsch: Herzlich Willkommen
trevor.patt: IMG_8708
IanAWood: PBWA London
IanAWood: No longer a place to pray