2slo7: City dweller
2slo7: Kingsgate bridge, Durham
2slo7: Jay with a peanut
2slo7: Feeding the baby
2slo7: Fog on the Tees
2slo7: Early light
2slo7: Nuthatch
2slo7: Boats on the Tyne
2slo7: Cranesbill geranium
2slo7: Crested Chaffinch?
2slo7: Steetley pier shadows
2slo7: Red Kite
2slo7: Robin
2slo7: The last to fall
2slo7: Urban reflections
2slo7: The tram stop
2slo7: Tired old horse
2slo7: Stained glass windows
2slo7: Holly
2slo7: Under the bridge
2slo7: Fenced in
2slo7: Bluetit on a broken branch
2slo7: The boardwalk singer
2slo7: Stretching exercises
2slo7: Best foot forward
2slo7: Female Blackbird
2slo7: The way back
2slo7: Here lies...
2slo7: The Winter tree
2slo7: Preparing for Winter