dollerosa: Flowers ...
Vanni Lazzari - VL: Palazzo Bellini - Comacchio
Mountain Man JC13: Reflection in Muscatatuck
kgvuk: MS 106694bwcr
kgvuk: MS 106685bwcr
kgvuk: MS 106675bwcr
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.199_Ron & Wendy's house
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.095_Gudrun & Mica, Buffalo Airport
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.096_Buffalo Airport
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.098_NYC, Ground Zero
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.097_NYC, Ground Zero
Pantchoa: Medici Villa - Rome / Medici Pavilion
Grooover: Stone The Crows
kkfung20462046: GR370378a~老店調子
pni: BW Challenge 08 of 10
kgvuk: MS 106601bw
kgvuk: MS 106610bw
kgvuk: MS 106594cr3
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.100_NYC, ferry boat
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.102_NYC, lower Manhattan
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.103_NYC, lower Manhattan from ferry boat
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.101_NYC, statue of liberty
Guenther Lutz: 2003.07.099_NYC, Ground Zero
Mountain Man JC13: Whitetail Sunrise
fksr: Mount Burdell Hike - 1
fksr: Mount Burdell Hike - 2
fksr: Mount Burdell Hike - 3
fksr: Mount Burdell Hike - 4
Grooover: At The Heart Of It