Oliver (Wolbadger): Little acorn
Oliver (Wolbadger): Shield bug on holly berries
Oliver (Wolbadger): Stone cross
Oliver (Wolbadger): On the turn
Oliver (Wolbadger): Final flourish
Oliver (Wolbadger): Miller park, Preston Lancashire
Oliver (Wolbadger): September sunshine
Oliver (Wolbadger): Autumn leaves
Oliver (Wolbadger): Whitewashed
Oliver (Wolbadger): Autumn by the river Ribble
Oliver (Wolbadger): Haslam Park waterfall
Oliver (Wolbadger): Breaking out
Oliver (Wolbadger): Gliding by
Oliver (Wolbadger): Parlick Pike and Fairsnape Fell
Oliver (Wolbadger): Soft evening light
Oliver (Wolbadger): Tulketh mill chimney
Oliver (Wolbadger): Silhouette
Oliver (Wolbadger): Late night eggs
Oliver (Wolbadger): Seiko SKX013
Oliver (Wolbadger): Canal at Preston
Oliver (Wolbadger): A barbers pole
Oliver (Wolbadger): Glass bubbles
Oliver (Wolbadger): Hot potatoes and parched peas
Oliver (Wolbadger): Pink Rhododendron
Oliver (Wolbadger): Under the bridge
Oliver (Wolbadger): Hoegaarden
Oliver (Wolbadger): Hawthorn blossom