Ninara: Vyborg, Russia
Guthfrith Karlsson: Exeter Cathedral window detail south side of nave DSC_0553
Guthfrith Karlsson: Roof Detail Refectory, Cleeve Abbey (2)
Guthfrith Karlsson: Detail from the roof of the Refectory, Cleeve Abbey
Guthfrith Karlsson: Gothic tracery window in the north side of the nave of Exeter Cathedral
Ackteon: Château d'Ancy-le-Franc (1538-1546)
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belight7: P1200887
belight7: hindu swastika
belight7: hindu swastika
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belight7: ashram gate sacred swastika
Ackteon: Villa Kerylos colonne et mosaïques
gaspard de la nuit: a swastika
hardeepsinh.mahida: 2015-10-30_09-35-06
hardeepsinh.mahida: Sanctity 🙏
Ackteon: Château de Breteuil
Ackteon: Musée Roybet Fould Exposition : Théodore Deck (1823-1891)
R~P~M: Swastika Grave
Jedan Auks: Colors on white space
Will S.: Lauburu
filchist: Taiwan life
Jedan Auks: Two spaces
Crusader with camera: Altes Hultschin
Jedan Auks: Fachwerkhaus