mikecogh: Space on the Roof
mikecogh: No Entry Signs
mikecogh: Air Con Units
mikecogh: Stairs Up and Down
mikecogh: Rooftop Carpark
mikecogh: Sheesha Pipes
mikecogh: Does Amini Own a Mini?
mikecogh: Snug Tully
mikecogh: Cats Under and Over
mikecogh: Solar Caravan
mikecogh: Gateway to Heaven
mikecogh: Headless Jar in Tinder
mikecogh: Circular Pipes
mikecogh: Abstract Link
mikecogh: Yellow Rods in Pipe
mikecogh: Counting Pole
mikecogh: Car with No Fender/Bumper Bar
mikecogh: Camera in a Cage
mikecogh: Break Through
mikecogh: The Dance of the Elevated Work Platforms
mikecogh: Tin Veranda
mikecogh: Fairy on a Swing
mikecogh: Hanging Baskets and Mosaic
mikecogh: Fence with a Flourish
mikecogh: Metal Rosella
mikecogh: Hard 77
mikecogh: The Good News Lutheran Church
mikecogh: Good News from the Lutherans
mikecogh: Dumped Pickles
mikecogh: Bays 2 and 3