Giorgos~: Venice
~~~johnny~~~: GOLDEN SUNSET
~~~johnny~~~: SUNNY ROCKS [EXPLORED]
bleuet / Anne-Marie: Sand and Foam (to Cyrus)
genevieve van doren: "once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up"
alessmile ♥: With me
fesign: Floating Village
風傳影像: The Only Boulevard in Tainan 01
alonsodr: World of light and colours
rinogas: Passo Gardena
EdBob: RoozenGaarde Tulip Field
alonsodr: Feeling the breeze
R.o.b.e.r.t.o.: Chiesa di San Pietro
jmb_germany: historical town.."Torgau", Saxonia
風傳影像: Cigu @ Blueish Dusk 02
mamiron65: Reflejos
Christolakis: Reflecting on the sunrise
rinogas: Pralongià
Christolakis: When everyone is against you,
Shuggie!!: Arklet Rocks (4)
Toni_V: Fraumünster abbey of Zurich
Fraggle Red: Ready to Go!
Mike Chen aka Full Time Taekwondo Dad: El Matador State Beach
tobey308: Blue Velvet
Vainsang: It becomes a Drama
Quim Granell: 0335 Quimet
~~~johnny~~~: VERTICAL SUNSET