alessmile ♥: Magic realm
alessmile ♥: A wild and luminous symphony in the meadows
alessmile ♥: Light in the wind
alessmile ♥: A flower blossoms for its own (Oscar Wilde)
alessmile ♥: From the Valtellina vineyards to the Morteratsch glacier
alessmile ♥: Interior d'una obra mestra
alessmile ♥: Efecte cromàtic
alessmile ♥: El impulso creativo de Gaudì
alessmile ♥: Sagrada Família
alessmile ♥: The pink color of autumn
alessmile ♥: Chopper in the mirror
alessmile ♥: Evenings at the Royal Palace, La Venaria Reale
alessmile ♥: The silence of the peaks speaks
alessmile ♥: Cloud Gate & skyline
alessmile ♥: Painted Ladies
alessmile ♥: Prealpine pearl
alessmile ♥: Bluebells
alessmile ♥: Colors of light
alessmile ♥: Overhang on the lake
alessmile ♥: Trentino, and the enchanting places
alessmile ♥: Sicilia nei borghi
alessmile ♥: Sicilia in blu
alessmile ♥: Sicilia in Barocco
alessmile ♥: Fragrance
alessmile ♥: Into the scented garden
alessmile ♥: Valley of rhododendrons
alessmile ♥: Rhododendron blooms
alessmile ♥: Impulse - Festa dei Tulipani
alessmile ♥: Riu on the dunes