BerColly: Le lac Servières [Puy de Dôme]
mercurylaser2012: Born again!
mercurylaser2012: Star light!
mercurylaser2012: Light after the storm!
mercurylaser2012: Oscillating!
Anonymtor: Red squirrel drinking at the stream
Anonymtor: Red-breasted nuthatch eating suet
Anonymtor: Golden mushrooms on a birch tree
Stephen B. Whatley: New Divine Mercy Art by Stephen B. Whatley published in the Press. September 2020
Jambo Jambo: Intorno all'olivo
Jambo Jambo: Quel puntino colorato
Jambo Jambo: Il pescatore - The fisherman
Cooper Renner: Van Gogh: “I am a stranger on the earth”
guysamsonphoto: HDR en noir et blanc
Cooper Renner: Van Morrison: “Ain’t nothing but a stranger in this world”
Sebastiao P Nunes: A panoramic view of gigantic São Paulo, Brazil
BerColly: Le viaduc de Garabit
tucker.tterence: Yorkshire
Anonymtor: Mystery duck (American black duck hybrid?}
Anonymtor: Brown mantis in the grasses
Anonymtor: Summer becomes Fall
Anonymtor: Pollen-covered bee on a daisy close-up
Sebastiao P Nunes: Ponte Estaiada, Cable-stayed Bridge in São Paulo, Brazil
guysamsonphoto: Francine, une amie artiste
guysamsonphoto: Le soleil et la passerelle