Joe Dyndale: Danish Cliffs III
javiernoval: La cabaña / The hut
D.O. Garcia: Setting up for the Day
Khun Jeremy: Lone rider
The Amazing Mr. Ripley: Seattle 2017 #13
Schub@: Single Poppy
Darren Melrose: I had skin like leather and the diamond-hard look of a cobra
Finepixtrix: Summer Days
rg69olds: Curled
javiernoval: Karlsfelder See
D.O. Garcia: Sunset at Smith Mountain Lake
Ian Johnston LRPS: "Raindrops on Roses..."
rg69olds: Velvet
javiernoval: Direct collision route to the Sun
Steve Stanger: Kodak Instamatic 104 Toronto Waterfront from the Spadina Waterfront
Edd Allen: Crowlink / August 4th
Schub@: Rainy Run
Ian Johnston LRPS: "Down Medina way..."
rg69olds: Got to Itch
D.O. Garcia: Gail and Her Horses
javiernoval: Mirando al lago / Watching the lake