Nicole Nicky, mostly off temporarily. Catching up,: Bird, cardinal talking to sparrow on feeder, DSC_1027 Cardinal qui parle au moineau sur la mangeoire
=Mirjam=: Espresso
jeffrey342: Bubbling Gem-Colored Pool
cindylynch7: The Endurance of Trees Infrared
Largeguy1: Foresiere Underground Gardens Fresno,CA 3A
Olivier Van Wonterghem: USN Douglas A-4C Skyhawk
karmajigme: Conques
zsispeo: Emperor Angelfish, young juvenile - Pomacanthus imperator
sms88aec: Copenhagen girls cycle to work
mexou: c h â t e a u
jocaBW: ST01ff125smB
schegao: Almond Blossom
newnumenor: LIS19 155
Dd Photographie: Lac Miroir
DClemm: Lone Pine, CA
Cyril Second: Train intercités 15941 l'Aubrac
D@nno: Morning Light
Tomás Kim: Otaru
4 Pete Seek: Noccalula Falls B&W
lugarlu: Patones de arriba
Fencejo: Monegros.
Le.Patou: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
filipmije: Hanoi in motion (2)
Bio. Milch.: the spy who came in from the cold
CarlosCoutinho: Jewish Museum Berlin
Reynolds Sr.: Sole, prominence, 21 Febbraio 2020