Ivan Radic: Father handing an open book to his daughter
Ivan Radic: Curious young girl learning to read a book
Ivan Radic: Man holding an open book in his hand
kalininmishka1983: В рассветном золоте)
GMLSKIS: African Penguin at the San Diego Zoo
GMLSKIS: Scarlet Macaw at the San Diego Zoo
jicede: Critérium Jean-Louis Dumont 2020
nialaoorg_photo: Souchette
Brunswick Forge: 2020.09.20.0635.D750 Sunflowers
Brunswick Forge: 2020.09.20.0661.D750 Sunflowers
Carlo Parravano: Hooded Merganser female
Rab .: 45212 The Jacobite Approching Glenfinnan Viaduct . This was the Departure @14:45hrs from Fort William to Mallaig 20/09/2020.
nialaoorg_photo: A l'étang
ecwillet: pileated woodpecker
Focale Photography: 20200910_102256_FB
Brunswick Forge: 2020.09.20.02.D850 Sunflower Sunset Time-Lapse
G V K: Furstenzug Dresden
SrHectorA: Shunyata Belly Dancers
Focale Photography: 20200819_151929_FB
r_wilson1947: Florida - Orlando
r_wilson1947: Florida - Orlando
Carlo Parravano: Hooded Merganser female
Ulmmomo: Westwall Einmannbunker
Brunswick Forge: 2020.09.19.02.D850 Sunflower Sunset Time-Lapse
Brunswick Forge: 2020.09.19.0537.D750 Sunflower Sunset
Michel M Charette: Petite buse