liebeslakritze: skating offseason
Dirk Weigand: 55 day in 2020_TV vs. mobile.
GreenEyePhotos: Duran Duran
MizMagee: Mixed media
Dirk Weigand: 49 day in 2020_old airship construct.
Dirk Weigand: 48 day in 2020_my daughter cooked for me.
radspix: Yard
Cynnerth: Hair Kaleidoscope #1
Cynnerth: Hair Kaleidoscope #2
Rick Olsen: Vents
Rick Olsen: Camper
Peter Schüler: Wolf Vostell, Mit(h)ropa, 1974
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Dave Whatt: The Tilted Church. 2019.
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MizMagee: Welcome
Peter Schüler: under the church roof
neumann.deutschland: Eruption probable
Snemann: Marine litter. A 10 m long plastic monster washed ashore.
Snemann: Marine litter. Trawl net with remains of entangled birds