radspix: Frond
Peter Schüler: Isolation
Outdoorsy One: When The Table Next To You Got The Special
Thomas Sonnenburg: light green
Thomas Sonnenburg: Colorful city
lick creek hillbilly: On The Banks of The Illinois
lynn smith: Entrance to underground carpark
palitrex: derelict backyard
Fergal Flatlight: Autumn Scene, Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo, Ireland (and a story)
Peter Schüler: feeding pigeons forbidden
Dave Whatt: A lot of blue. 2022.
tobias.bryan14: IMG_8289_1070_2
lynn smith: Homage to the humble takeaway coffee cup
lynn smith: Twin escalators
duesentrieb: Irgendwo im Gewerbegebiet
lick creek hillbilly: Running Low ?
Thomas Sonnenburg: Cityscapes
Thomas Sonnenburg: Cityscapes
Thomas Sonnenburg: Cityscapes
Bilder von der Ruhr: Alsumer Straße, Duisburg-Bruckhausen
tobias.bryan14: 3_5_3_1_1
Outdoorsy One: Not Afraid
Michelle O'Connell Photography: Dalquharran Castle
natures-pencil: Delfzijl's Museum
lick creek hillbilly: I’ll Play The Blues For You
Thomas Sonnenburg: Bench in snow