zimwizdotcom: N&W J 611 at the Twin Bridges
hardhatMAK: GTW 8376 (1929 BLW 0-8-0) & 1876 IC Station @ Amboy IL
Sheldon N. Slusser: J Class 4-8-4
hardhatMAK: CB&Q 3006 (1930 BLW 4-6-4 Class S-4)
Sheldon N. Slusser: 611 Ferry Move
Dr. Doc: Union Pacific 4014, Big Boy, and North Shore Scenic Railroad 332, Duluth, Minnesota
WWI Bob: Union Pacific #4014 (Big Boy) Approaches Arcadia, Iowa (BW)
yeahwotever: #40 the front end.
KD Rail Photography: TVRM 100 at Chattanooga, TN
Dr. Doc: Union Pacific 4014, The Big Boy, backs out of Duluth Union Station, Duluth, Minnesota
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<<Purple Bullet>>: Big Boys Maiden Voyage
<<Purple Bullet>>: Union Pacific "Big Boy" No. 4005 (4 8 8 4)
<<Purple Bullet>>: Union Pacific "Big Boy" No. 4004 - 4 8 8 4
<<Purple Bullet>>: Big Boy in Black & White
<<Purple Bullet>>: Big Boy wheel works
Darryl Rule's Photography: Last Light @ Ronks, PA
WWI Bob: Big Boy (UP #4014 Locomotive) Pass-By, Arcadia and Ogden, Iowa (August 2, 2019)
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WWI Bob: Big Boy Locomotive 4004, Cheyenne, Wyoming
WWI Bob: Union Pacific 4014 "Big Boy" in Arcadia, Iowa
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