photofotografie: Autumn Colours
Сhelyuskinets: Jupiter-3 - legacy from grandfather
maxathier: Orange leaves
maxathier: Stump
turbojakkal: девушка в синем костюме
maxathier: Dome in the far
maxathier: Looking for his human
Wes Iversen: The November Droop
Rick Bolin: Jupiter 11A on a Helicoid Adapter
maxathier: The barrels seen through the Industar 50-2
maxathier: The barrels seen through the Helios 44M-4
maxathier: My cat looks down on you
Wes Iversen: Bubbly Belgian Beer Backed By Brazenly Bodacious Bokeh
photofotografie: Poppy / Mohnblume
maxathier: Red leaf chaos
leo.roos: Blind window
Wes Iversen: The Warmth Of The Autumn Sun
leo.roos: Transparency
maxathier: Flowers through the Jupiter
maxathier: Autumn colours, we'll have to wait for a year now to have them back...
eberhardwild: Regen in Bitterfeld
leo.roos: Ellewoutsdijk skyline
eberhardwild: Cyclop 1,5/85
maxathier: There is something magical about vintage lenses...
maxathier: Some flowers