Read2me: Loves his daughter
Read2me: Expansive Gallery
F J R: kids_photobomb_amjes
F J R: dof_pussy_willow
F J R: stairs_miniature_art_inst_arch_062019
MIgracionTOtal: Naples, Italy
StarlightHope: In the garden of life, late bloomers are especially beautiful.
Rubem Jr: Bridge, Tugboats and Seagulls.
F J R: food_salmon_salsa_041719
F J R: shrine_icon_022119
Read2me: Nun and Soldiers
Read2me: Greenbush Line
hunbille: Gujarat 2014
hunbille: Gujarat 2014
Nik-CanLady52: Free Fall 2
F J R: dragonly_wings_072219
F J R: bw_cowboy_sandwich_090518
F J R: wildflowers_bokeh_b_072219
F J R: dawn_sunrise_lake_llwi_102614
buddhadog: A House of Cards with Queens on Top -:- 4310
Read2me: Girl and Graffiti
hunbille: Turkey 2013
F J R: bw_still_life_baking_
hunbille: LR Chernobyl 2019-6021356
catoledo: SHANGHAI 2583 2014-11-16-Edit
F J R: frog_e_060119
Jaedde & Sis: Old kitchen
Jaedde & Sis: Haldórsvík
hunbille: LR Chernobyl 2019-6012860