Rambofoto: He holds the leaves tight
Rambofoto: High-contrast program
Rambofoto: The photographer has found his motive
Rambofoto: the indian team
Rambofoto: The last leaves of the tree
Rambofoto: Santa on the way a little early
Rambofoto: Baumstriezel baker 2
Rambofoto: Baumstriezel baker 1
Rambofoto: Dresdner Striezelmarkt
Rambofoto: Sandy at the window
Rambofoto: Accounting without electricity
Rambofoto: In the beech forest
Rambofoto: At the spherical house
Rambofoto: dancing bear
Rambofoto: with full steam up the mountain
Rambofoto: The old tractor 1
Rambofoto: Variety of rain umbrellas
Rambofoto: the man with the red flag
Rambofoto: A hot machine
Rambofoto: wait for the departure signal
Rambofoto: A train drives through the dying forest
Rambofoto: Cold stream in the forest
Rambofoto: Torrent in the rustic forest
Rambofoto: Autumn leaves in all colors
Rambofoto: Autumn forest
Rambofoto: Sunday Weather
Rambofoto: The tasting
Rambofoto: All roads lead home
Rambofoto: Autumn colors in the city park
Rambofoto: The autumn has come