Rambofoto: The wall in the forest
Rambofoto: Forest path in autumn light
Rambofoto: Pyracantha coccinea
Rambofoto: Dresden old town view
Rambofoto: The last days of summer
Rambofoto: the rusty iron mask
Rambofoto: Swinoujscie harbor entrance
Rambofoto: Pirates of the Baltic Sea
Rambofoto: A coffee on the beach
Rambofoto: Sea rescuer
Rambofoto: Calm Baltic Sea
Rambofoto: Beach hotel
Rambofoto: leaving the mainland
Rambofoto: Groynes by the sea
Rambofoto: clothespins flooded with light
Rambofoto: Clouds after the thunderstorm rain
Rambofoto: The drummer and the guitarist
Rambofoto: Brühlsche Terrasse
Rambofoto: The Elbe valley near Rathen
Rambofoto: The park in the evening sun
Rambofoto: Dead trees on the plateau
Rambofoto: Ripe wheat
Rambofoto: View of the valley
Rambofoto: Sandy is sitting on the stairs
Rambofoto: Doorbell with no name
Rambofoto: Wackerbarth Castle
Rambofoto: new wine vintage 2020
Rambofoto: write again
Rambofoto: Sandy gives you a smile
Rambofoto: The Terminator Wolves