greenie11*: Nocturnal Embrace
greenie11*: Tenderness
greenie11*: Paradise
greenie11*: Serenity
greenie11*: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
greenie11*: Long Way Home
greenie11*: Sunset Shapes
greenie11*: Day by Day
greenie11*: Where do we go? Nobody knows
greenie11*: Night Lights
greenie11*: The Cold filled the Empty Streets
greenie11*: The Rain washed it all away
greenie11*: Winter Walks
greenie11*: I wanna dance with somebody
greenie11*: Leaving my Footprints beneath a trembling Sky
greenie11*: ..and right there I could see it all, clearer than ever
greenie11*: Green Fortune
greenie11*: Tranquility
greenie11*: The Storm
greenie11*: Delayed busrides and their cinematic sentimentalism
greenie11*: Dreams shaped by Waves and Clouds
greenie11*: The blank vastness of unanswered questions
greenie11*: ''Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find''
greenie11*: Pink Delight
greenie11*: Lucky Blues
greenie11*: This too shall pass
greenie11*: Sunshine on my Face and Luck in my Pocket
greenie11*: A Peaceful Little Life
greenie11*: Hugged by Snowy Mountaintops