gps1941: Lined Up
gps1941: Honey Bee
gps1941: Kitty
gps1941: Wasp Long Legs
gps1941: Eurasian collared dove
gps1941: Behind Bars
gps1941: Zzzzz....
gps1941: fog
gps1941: Fog
gps1941: Morning Fog
gps1941: Space Launcher
gps1941: Autumn Nearing the Finish Line
gps1941: Paper Tiger
gps1941: Encounter
gps1941: Eurasian Jay
gps1941: Lonsome Rider
gps1941: Halloween
gps1941: Pampasgras
gps1941: Streching Her Back
gps1941: Foliage
gps1941: Autumn Out My Window
gps1941: Whee
gps1941: Feeding
gps1941: Short to Touch Down
gps1941: Bye Bye
gps1941: Jay in the Rain
gps1941: Koi
gps1941: Juvenile Jays
gps1941: From the Mouse's Point of View :)
gps1941: Crested Tit