GWP_Photo: Hockey competition at the Alberta Winter Games.
GWP_Photo: Windswept snowscape.
GWP_Photo: The cold and barren road.
GWP_Photo: First light on fresh snow.
GWP_Photo: The back light lamp post.
GWP_Photo: Winter on the prairies.
GWP_Photo: A chilly morning.
GWP_Photo: Merry Christmas!
GWP_Photo: Autumn memories.
GWP_Photo: Warm afternoon light.
GWP_Photo: Sunset and the South Saskatchewan River.
GWP_Photo: Exploration.
GWP_Photo: Autumn in Newfoundland.
GWP_Photo: Autumn at Steady Brook Newfoundland.
GWP_Photo: A rustic lifestyle.
GWP_Photo: Foggy background.
GWP_Photo: Got it covered.
GWP_Photo: Humber River, Newfoundland.
GWP_Photo: Photographing the autumn scenery at Steady Brook Newfoundland.
GWP_Photo: Confluence.
GWP_Photo: Mountainous cloud.
GWP_Photo: The Moon rising over Saskatoon.
GWP_Photo: Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta Canada.
GWP_Photo: Frank Slide, Alberta Canada.
GWP_Photo: Fullerton Loop Trail, Kananaskis Country, Alberta.
GWP_Photo: Hiking with my shadow.
GWP_Photo: Kananaskis Country Alberta.
GWP_Photo: Broadway Bridge in Saskatoon.
GWP_Photo: Saskatoon Airport.
GWP_Photo: South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon.