gorade: Fortunately, here is a river, to take care of the water masses
gorade: High flows of water and light
gorade: Facade from a bygone industrial era
gorade: The water shortage just passed over.
gorade: Busybodies
gorade: Mighty
gorade: Cloaser still
gorade: Close up
gorade: Naked hardwood
gorade: Snowless winter in the cow pasture
gorade: Beavers long ago...
gorade: Divide
gorade: Hardwood lumber
gorade: Mushroom omelette someone?
gorade: The plum tree's last winter?
gorade: And into the trees
gorade: To see the trees for the forest
gorade: The beaver was here
gorade: Oak's foot
gorade: Once upon a time there was an acorn...
gorade: Light and water flowing
gorade: Bypass
gorade: Downstream the power station
gorade: Leakage
gorade: Escape
gorade: A green span for pixies?
gorade: Uprooted
gorade: Pixiland?
gorade: To be an insider
gorade: Dazzling sun