[G0GE]: Silence
[G0GE]: To be reflected
[G0GE]: On the road
[G0GE]: Invictus
[G0GE]: TheBeautyInside
[G0GE]: Embrace from Heaven
[G0GE]: Devotion
[G0GE]: invisible
[G0GE]: past life memories
[G0GE]: Dream life
[G0GE]: Invisible presence
[G0GE]: About light and loneliness
[G0GE]: Spiral II
[G0GE]: between light and darkness
[G0GE]: Eternal
[G0GE]: Hope in the darkness
[G0GE]: Villa
[G0GE]: Like a fairy story
[G0GE]: Loneliness
[G0GE]: Il futuro ignoto scorre verso di noi
[G0GE]: This faint and shaky hour...
[G0GE]: Ne vincitori ne vinti
[G0GE]: Un ricordo senza tempo
[G0GE]: The Black Sea
[G0GE]: little secrets or white lies ...
[G0GE]: Ice Age
[G0GE]: Point of view
[G0GE]: Curves
[G0GE]: Mirage