gjphilst: Red Kite 3
gjphilst: Red kite2
gjphilst: Red Kite
gjphilst: I. Am. A. Camera.
gjphilst: Shine on..4
gjphilst: Shine on..3
gjphilst: Shine on...2
gjphilst: Shine on.. 1
gjphilst: Radiate
gjphilst: Endurance II
gjphilst: Endurance
gjphilst: Teasel 4
gjphilst: Teasel 3
gjphilst: The carpet crawler
gjphilst: Ice & spikes.
gjphilst: Teasel macro with ice.
gjphilst: Teasel 2
gjphilst: Teasel 1
gjphilst: Leaf - late autumn
gjphilst: Pale frozen
gjphilst: Red berries.
gjphilst: Ice/snow with the 105mm
gjphilst: Not quite Orion's Belt!
gjphilst: Sunset silhouettes 3
gjphilst: Sunset silhouettes 2
gjphilst: Partners at Dusk
gjphilst: Bird Haven 3
gjphilst: Bird Haven 2
gjphilst: Bird haven 1
gjphilst: Coolpix P300 perspective..next day