Gilli8888: The Old Crow Parking Sign Show
Gilli8888: Spanish City - Side Entrance Selective Colour
Gilli8888: Black-Headed Gulls - St, Mary's Nature Reserve
Gilli8888: Whitley Bay Sea-Front - Sea Defences
Gilli8888: St. Mary's Lighthouse - November 2020
Gilli8888: Beefeater Under Blue Sky - Selective Colour
Gilli8888: Feathers of a Bird ..
Gilli8888: Ruffled Feather
Gilli8888: Poppy Wreaths - Memorial Park Newbiggin
Gilli8888: Telegraph Pole and Telephone Lines
Gilli8888: Poppy Cross - Newbiggin Community Centre
Gilli8888: Newbiggin-By-The-Sea .. Memorial Park
Gilli8888: The 'Dun-Bear' Sculpture - Dunbar East Lothian
Gilli8888: John Muir Memorial Sculpture By Andy Scott
Gilli8888: Druridge Wetlands - Morning Mist and Rising Sun
Gilli8888: Cellar Spider .. and Ominous Looking Shadow..
Gilli8888: Abstract - Spider Silk and Morning Dew Droplets
Gilli8888: Druridge Ponds - Early Mist Burning Off Slowly
Gilli8888: Druridge Ponds - Whooper Swans and Canada Geese
Gilli8888: Silhouetted Flora - Druridge Wetlands
Gilli8888: Whooper Swan - Portrait In Blue
Gilli8888: Raggedy Spider's Web .. Practice, Practice and a Bit More Practice Needed
Gilli8888: Fly-Past of Ten Whooper Swans - Druridge Airspace
Gilli8888: STOP !! No Swans past this point.. Canada Geese ONLY !!
Gilli8888: Whooper Swan - Low Pass Over Druridge Ponds
Gilli8888: Druridge Dunes - Morning Mist
Gilli8888: Whooper Swan - Serenity Reflected
Gilli8888: Dew Droplets On Web - Light and Dark
Gilli8888: A Quintet of Whooper Swans
Gilli8888: Nature's Loom - Morning Silk and Dew