Gilli8888: Wren - Northumberland Park
Gilli8888: Vélo Quest - Searching For The Road Perhaps ????
Gilli8888: Dunnock - Northumberland Park
Gilli8888: Far Too Social, No Distancing ??
Gilli8888: Glossy Carrion Crow - Northumberland Park
Gilli8888: Transluscent Narcissi - Northumberland Park
Gilli8888: Dunnock with Grub - Northumberland Park
Gilli8888: Crabpot - Fortress and Moonstone - Royal Quays
Gilli8888: P&O Cruise Liner - Azura - Royal Quays
Gilli8888: Eider Duck - Royal Quays Marina
Gilli8888: Stardance - User's Manual ??
Gilli8888: Pigeon Holed ??
Gilli8888: Cormorant - Royal Quays Marina
Gilli8888: Railings, Curves and Shadows - Royal Quays
Gilli8888: Feral Pigeon - Royal Quays
Gilli8888: Royal Quays - North Shields - Boats and Berths
Gilli8888: Eider Duck - Morning Preen
Gilli8888: Polar Bound - Selective Colour
Gilli8888: Cormorant - Royal Quays North Shields
Gilli8888: Green Glass Window Tiles - Royal Quays
Gilli8888: P&O Cruise Liner at Royal Quays Berth
Gilli8888: Herring Gull - Royal Quays
Gilli8888: Azura - Port Side Balconies
Gilli8888: Royal Quays Marina - Selected Colour - Red Tones
Gilli8888: Azura - Stern to Bow - North Shields
Gilli8888: Big Blue - Selective Colour Marina
Gilli8888: Eider Duck Drake - Royal Quays
Gilli8888: Fortress - Selective Colour - Royal Quays
Gilli8888: P&O Liner .. Azura .. Balconies, Windows, Doors
Gilli8888: Dunnock In Song - Royal Quays