GeorgeOfTheGorge: Twilight Mt. Bachelor from Newberry obsidian flow
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Full moon over Sarasota
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Fort Lauderdale skyline
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Industrial view on liftoff
GeorgeOfTheGorge: In my habitat
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Shadows on the planks
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Costa Rican Motmot
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Think Tropics In January
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Into the old barn
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Morning fog still hung in the air at 10
GeorgeOfTheGorge: October bench near Lake Michigan
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Two options for Cornering Winter
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Rocky Mountain high
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Cornering winter
GeorgeOfTheGorge: New Year sunburst
GeorgeOfTheGorge: November mountain high
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Making Christmas joy with lights
GeorgeOfTheGorge: A pink golden hour on Christmas day
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Jester in time for Christmas
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Shouldn't our art be part of our Christmas decor?
GeorgeOfTheGorge: A walk through the foggy woods
GeorgeOfTheGorge: On the trail for a December sunset in Oregon
GeorgeOfTheGorge: October Gallery Suggestion
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Art amongst iris
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Sunday sunrise on lupine among the balsam root at Rowena Crest
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Aftermath of Memaloose Fire
GeorgeOfTheGorge: En plein air gallery
GeorgeOfTheGorge: A Downy visits on a white and foggy Christmas morning
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Full moon sets over The Dalles and Mt Hood in early morning light
GeorgeOfTheGorge: Oregon Solar Eclipse 2017