geoffmahiques: I was going to post a kingfisher today but when looking for the shot, I found one of my favourite Red Squirrel shots that I actually forgot about and decided that should be this mornings post. Maybe Tuesday will be a kingfisher day...
geoffmahiques: Red Stag taken last year at Bradgate park
geoffmahiques: Red-Eared Slider in Staffordshire
geoffmahiques: Male Kestrel in Worcestershire
geoffmahiques: Trail Camera Roundup 2019-09-12
geoffmahiques: Into the archives this morning... An image of a Red Kite in flight, photographed in Rhayader, Mid Wales August 2017
geoffmahiques: Squabbling Jay's in Scotland
geoffmahiques: Allotment Foxes 2019-09-06
geoffmahiques: Puffin in flight at RSPB Bempton Cliffs
geoffmahiques: Tawny Owl from a couple of weeks ago
geoffmahiques: Red Stag taken during last year's rut at Bradgate Park
geoffmahiques: Buzzard in Scotland
geoffmahiques: Little Egret in flight at RSPB Sandwell Valley
geoffmahiques: Gannet collecting nesting material at RSPB Bempton Cliffs
geoffmahiques: A visual representation of Tuesday creeping up on those enjoying a sunny Bank Holiday afternoon
geoffmahiques: I think it's great that the scientific name for the Grey seal is 'Halichoerus grypus' which means ‘hooked-nose sea-pig’ and they're also one of few animals that are able to smell underwater... Taken at Donna Nook
geoffmahiques: Kingfisher in flight
geoffmahiques: Kestrel in Lincolnshire
geoffmahiques: One from earlier in the year... Adder on Cannock Chase
geoffmahiques: Sparrowhawk feeding taken in Scotland
geoffmahiques: Siskin in Scotland
geoffmahiques: Gannets in the Mist...
geoffmahiques: Badger taken in Staffordshire... A subject I've been obsessing over recently, such good fun and often a challenge to photograph
geoffmahiques: Red Squirrel at Formby nature reserve
geoffmahiques: Gotcha 🎣 Osprey dropping in for a fish near Rutland water
geoffmahiques: Another one from a trip to Scotland... A nocturnal session with the tawny owls
geoffmahiques: Mrs Sparrowhawk from a trip up to Scotland
geoffmahiques: A trip to RSPB Sandwell valley today. This Little Egret had quite the mouthful for lunch!
geoffmahiques: Kingfisher emerging
geoffmahiques: Grey Seal Pup giving me a wave taken last year at Donna Nook