geoffmahiques: Puffin at RSPB Bempton Cliffs (July 2018)
geoffmahiques: Osprey taking a fish near Rutland water
geoffmahiques: Yellowhammer on Cannock Chase
geoffmahiques: Puffin making the most of their sunlit balcony
geoffmahiques: Hooded Merganser at Slimbridge
geoffmahiques: Badger in Staffordshire
geoffmahiques: Robin taken on Cannock Chase
geoffmahiques: Grey Seal at Donna Nook
geoffmahiques: Barn Owl hunting at RSPB Bempton Cliffs
geoffmahiques: Fox taken on a sunny evening last year
geoffmahiques: Red Squirrel in Scotland
geoffmahiques: Mot long until the Adders emerge for the 2020 season!
geoffmahiques: Red Kite
geoffmahiques: Red Squirrel
geoffmahiques: Jackdaw
geoffmahiques: Little Owl in Worcestershire
geoffmahiques: Pheasant on Cannock Chase
geoffmahiques: Common Eider taken in Gloucestershire
geoffmahiques: Bullfinch on Cannock Chase
geoffmahiques: Kestrel in Lincolnshire
geoffmahiques: Eyes and ears on me...
geoffmahiques: Another cloudy day playing with reflections... Shoveller in Gloucestershire
geoffmahiques: Red Stag taken during the Rut of 2018
geoffmahiques: Gannet in flight at RSPB Bempton Cliffs
geoffmahiques: Kestrel with lunch in Lincolnshire
geoffmahiques: Brown Hare taken last year in Driffield
geoffmahiques: Green Woodpecker
geoffmahiques: Grey Seal Pup taken last year at Donna Nook
geoffmahiques: If looks could kill...
geoffmahiques: A rare time where I can almost say that a shot has been taken on my doorstep... Mistle thrush shot whilst hanging out of the bedroom window in the West Midlands