Sir Cam @camdiary: Pembroke College 15 December 2019
cnmark: Shanghai - Floating Buick
cnmark: Munich - "Darling!!! What shall...
cnmark: Munich - Lanterns
MelindaChan ^..^: Black bean rice & lobster
Bong Manayon: Fleeing the City
Anthony D Barraclough: Reflections 2a
Astrid Photography.: IJs haar ~ 'de baard van Koning Winter'.
Mizarro: Cactus
Sir Cam @camdiary: Cambridge 2 December 2019
munchflemming: Frosty Morning
Eric Lafforgue: Portrait of a Mundari tribe nun with scarifications on the forehead, Central Equatoria, Terekeka, South Sudan
green little monster: Night Flanger
jankarelkok: free to me this was me free
Sir Cam @camdiary: When it rains in Cambridge
jankarelkok: without darkness no light light thanks to darkness
MelindaChan ^..^: Kazan cathedral
Eric Lafforgue: Mundari tribe boy taking care of the long horns cows in the camp, Central Equatoria, Terekeka, South Sudan
MelindaChan ^..^: St.Basil's Cathedral
kareszzz: Manhattan Bridge Pillar
Sir Cam @camdiary: The Homecoming (R Tait McKenzie, 1922)
munchflemming: IMG_20191114_104948
Dr. Imran Sohail.: Junction Of Three Mightiest Mountain Ranges At Juglot !!!
cnmark: Shanghai - Disney Resort Metro Station
Mizarro: Tree on the road