gaynorhenry: Stay safe and keep doing what you do.
gaynorhenry: Mobilgas in Minto
gaynorhenry: Reclamation processes
gaynorhenry: Every picture tells a story
gaynorhenry: All horses whisper to me
gaynorhenry: The Observer
gaynorhenry: How DO they stay warm?
gaynorhenry: Winter grazing
gaynorhenry: Nut hunting
gaynorhenry: Mmmmm...warm laundry. Okay Frisbee, enjoy your snooze!
gaynorhenry: Monday. I’ll just sleep it away!
gaynorhenry: She's smiling!
gaynorhenry: Haloed
gaynorhenry: The land guardian
gaynorhenry: Frosted firs in black and white
gaynorhenry: Wanting to be petted.
gaynorhenry: Jack Frost nipping at our nose...
gaynorhenry: Curtains flap in an ever present breeze
gaynorhenry: Oakdale Farm
gaynorhenry: Coat of many colours
gaynorhenry: Willow weep for me...
gaynorhenry: Wrack and ruin in the snow
gaynorhenry: His Highness is sleeping.
gaynorhenry: No Trespassing! But I probably will...
gaynorhenry: In the eye of the beholder
gaynorhenry: The animals came in two by two...
gaynorhenry: When you're strange...
gaynorhenry: Lean-to...
gaynorhenry: Warning!
gaynorhenry: Rather like a 19th Century painting