gaelicsoul: High Cup Nick (explored 31/3/2024)
gaelicsoul: River Tweed crossing
gaelicsoul: a slice of winter early morning colour
gaelicsoul: Over the rise (explored 11/2/24)
gaelicsoul: sunset
gaelicsoul: Last Survivor
gaelicsoul: winter sun
gaelicsoul: Filey bay
gaelicsoul: Hanging around
gaelicsoul: Temple of Piety
gaelicsoul: Deepdale, North Yorkshire (explored 3/11/2023)
gaelicsoul: Damp Dent cobbles
gaelicsoul: In the cauldron
gaelicsoul: Buckden Gill
gaelicsoul: Dent Head viaduct
gaelicsoul: Typical Dales weather
gaelicsoul: Cauldron Falls in spate (explored 2/10/23)
gaelicsoul: On Hawnby Hill
gaelicsoul: Incoming storm (explored 18/8/23)
gaelicsoul: Wheeldale stone
gaelicsoul: reflected swan
gaelicsoul: Rievaulx view (explored 13/7/2023)
gaelicsoul: Still
gaelicsoul: Kirkham Bridge
gaelicsoul: The River Treig (explored 30/5/2023)
gaelicsoul: Garva Bridge (explored 12/5/2023)
gaelicsoul: A common early visitor (explored 22/4/2023)
gaelicsoul: Meall a Bhuachaille
gaelicsoul: The River Skell at Fountains Abbey
gaelicsoul: Just one of those dog walks....